Social work

There are three trained sisters for social work. They work in collaboration with the NGO. We set apart 13% of total income for social work and charity. We take care of few widows and Old people. Every month we supply food materials , medicines and whenever cloth needed

Two houses are being constructed one in Kothapally and another in Palakurthy, work is in progress.

12% of our total income from all three societies are set apart for social work. It is made a unit of Carmel service society and started separate account. Sr. Emi is given charge of this. Revolving fund started from this money, and trying to make the beneficiaries self sufficient.

From Oct2013 we have separated from Balavikasa (the NGO with whom we were working)and started functioning as Jyothi Vikasa.

The main activity we do is SHGs, there are 310 SHG groups in two areas; Mancherial and Bheemaram, 3100members in it.

-We also take care of orphans, semi orphans and handicapped children helping them in studies giving all financial support.

-Also we help old and destitute by giving them food materials, cloth, stationary items etc.

-Skilled training like tailoring centers are functioning in two places.

-Water shed Programme like borewells, water plant for water purification.

 -Vanamaholsavam like motivation of tree plantation, distributing seeds and seedlings.


5.Activities in the province combining social work core team and promoters


Every month there is meeting of social work with provincial, councilor incharge, core team and those who are working in it full time; evaluating the working of the  projects and planning for the next month.


6.Awareness Programme


Class on food security and environmental protection, in which organic farming was explained in detail; is given to sisters, members from all the communities attended it.

Awareness regarding social work policy and revolving fund is given to each community and animators also are appointed.




Due to lack of personal, no one is sent for higher studies.

Training programme for those who are working in Jyothi Vikasa is given by Balavikasa, every month for 3-4 days.


8.Every convent has kitchen garden and flower garden and training of organic farming is given.

9.One new village called Tunkada is adopted for integral growth. Now arrangements are done to stay there in a rented house and to start tailoring centre immediately. We have bought a plot to build convent and church.

10.HIV/AIDS community care centre which was supported by NACO has withdrawn the support and now from June 2013it is run by province social work alone. There are 10 beds having inpatients and every day out patients also come. Nutritional support also is given from Jan.2014.

  -Started getting medicine from Kerala for alcohol de addiction and giving to the alcoholics.

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