Faith Formation

Sisters work in this field and give leadership for prayer in families . They arrange facilities for courses , seminars, and counseling for the people. They work under the leadership of parish priests . One of our sister is women animator of the Jesus youth in the diocesan level.

Activities of the Faith Formation Team:-

      Conducted Prayer meetings, Conventions, Faith Retreats, Classes and Seminars

    for  Boarders and Parishioners

      Conducted Bible Quiz based on Faith for the sisters, Boarders and Parishioners

     and given prizes.

      Send few parishioners for the retreat at Muthangi Hyderabad

2.        Faith Formation Team

No. of Sisters working full time in FFT Team       -       16

         Below 30 years                                                        03

         30 to 60 years                                                  -        08

         Above 60 years                                               -        05

3.        Yes, According to G. Syn. D. pg. 9(b), all the three finally professed sisters of this year are  working full time in the FFT.

           They recite the Creed before they start any work.

4.        Not Applicable

5.        No. of sisters who are working in the institutions more than 12 years -    10

           None of them took leave to work in FFT. 

6.        Sr. Annie Therse is the only sister who retired last year. She is attending a diploma course in Spirituality in AVP Carmalaram, Banglore. She might be joining in F F T in the next year.

7.        Sisters attended the classes arranged on Faith for three days  in the Diocese of Adilabad and Eluru.It was arranged in different batches.

Christu Jyothi Magazine was published on Faith

         Sr,Divya Jyothi was selected from the diocese to attend the concluding session of the faith year in Goa.

         80 people received Baptism and Holy Communion in different occasions

         The Faith Year Rally arranged in the Diocese of Warangal our sisters participated along with the people the sisters too walked proclaiming Faith.            

         Conducted St.Mark Bible Quiz in all our boarding

         Word of God on Faith was given for a the prisoners and conducted exam and given prizes

         Conventions were arranged in villages to deepen the faith

         Reading from the Bible is introduced in the Hospitals and the schools for the Morning Prayer

8.        We conducted word of God retreat in the province and exams were conduced twice

            for   the word of God by the renewal team.

9.        The awareness programs were conducted:-

         Sisters:Word of God  exam was conducted & Psalm 63 was by hearted and recited on the province day celebration

         Youth:  youth meetings conducted in the villages and in the parishes, Sr.Violet and Sr.Divya Jyothi took classes for them.

         Children:  Taught sayings of Bl.Chavara and conducted exams and  given  prizes

        Laity: Conventions, Word of God retreat, faith retreat, and one book mark on

  Word   God is given as a New Year gift.

10.       The means and ways used to make our house visit more effective:-

         Each sister is given a fixed number of houses/ wards of the parish and regular visit.

         Listens to their problem.

         Praying rosary along with the members of the family.

         Teaching songs and prayer  using Bible.

11.       To make the teaching of Catechism  more effective and useful teachers use PowerPoint  

            Presentation of the theme and pictures, models.

         No. of sisters teaching catechism -40

12.       There are 50 Carmel buds  in Chebrole and 10 are in Venketapur. One hour

             special  prayers and classes were conducted for them, Story books on Saints are

 being   given. Once a year an outing is arranged for them.

         There are no CMC associates.

 13.        We have prayer House at Chennoor. Evenings they go for House visit. People are                                   

             coming for the Sunday mass.

            We have taken a new village called Thungada in Rebena Mandal only for the                 

  Evangelization and Faith Formation. As an initial step we have found out a

  house  to stay for a few days and constructed a bath room, Since there is no

  water  facility, trying  to dig   a bore well. Along with the Diocese we too

  plan to  purchase a plot for the convent.

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