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Faith Formation


Proclaiming the word of God is a prophetic duty and a prophet is a for runner of Jesus.  Our Evangelization team is working with this motivation in reaching the gospel message to the far and wide villages of the diocese. Village evangelization programmes through preaching, singing, Biblical movies, night vigils and prayers are smoothly going on in different areas.    Our congregation is founded mainly for the Christian formation of the people, especially of women and children.  Through Christian formation we lead the people of God to the meaning of the gift of faith.
To deepen and strengthen the faith, the faith formation secretariat gathered seven times during this period and drawn plans for strengthening the activities of our province.During these gathering we planned for the various enriching programmes to introduce in our mission areas and to find out ways and means to reach gospel to more people who are not yet heard. We joint with the diocese for all almost all the evangelization programmes. Zonal wise responsibilities are not entrusted because we try to cover whole diocese.

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