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As the scientific methods and techniques are fast growing in the world of medical field everywhere and everybody wants to get their physical, psychological and spiritual healing faster. So the people are searching the most modern multi super specialty hospitals. We the Christu Jyothi Province have two hospitals in two states. One is in Andhra Pradesh, Eluru Diocese and the other is in Telangana, Adilabad Diocese. Among these one is twenty  bedded and the other is forty bedded with average facilities. Trusting in God, our Doctor Sisters along with their team try to face the challenges in the field and  give healing to the patients through the medicine, the Word of God and prayer.During the last three years our healing ministry tried our best to proclaim the Word of God even in our minute service which we render. Our sisters go ahead trusting in our Lord who can make everything possible from impossible.

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18 March 2023

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