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Sr. Geo Philip CMC
Provincial Superior
Geo philip-Provincial Superior_edited.jpg
Sr. Maria Augustine CMC
Vicar Provincial & councilor of renewal programmes
Maria Augustine     Vicar Provincial & councilor of renewal programmes.jpg
Sr. Sheena Paul CMC
Sr.Sheena Paul        Secretary.jpg
Sr. Krupa Therese CMC
Finance Secratary
Sr .Krupa Therese       Finance Secratary.JPG
Sr. Jyothis Maria CMC
Department : Education
Sr.Jyothis MariaDepartment  Education.JPG
Sr. Flowerlet CMC
Department : Healing Ministry
Sr.Flowerlet  Department  Healing Ministry.JPG
Sr. Cicily Jose CMC
Department : Faith Formation
Sr.Cicily Jose     Department  Faith Formation.JPG
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