We have five High Schools and Primary School. In all school Planned programmes are there to promote value based education . Inspection team evaluates the activities of the school every year. One of our school is an integrated school for visually challenged children . Our sisters are teaching in non formal schools at three centers . The Social work department give the financial assistance for few orphan children. Fee concessions are given to deserving students.

1.      A .We have started school for the physically handicapped children of the locality at Gudipet, Mancherial. The school was inaugurated on 16th June 2013 by the bishop of Adilabad His Excellency Mar Joseph kunnath.


             B. Remarkable achievements 

1.      Sisters and Staff participated a seminar on enhancing Institutional effectiveness through excellence in education   at Christ University, Bangalore. Seven of our sisters and staff from all our school participated in the seminar.

2.      Chavara Talent Test is conducted in all our school and cash awards are given to the winners.

3.      Mount Carmel School Jagtial was selected as the venue for the District level Science fair. Our students were selected for the State level Science congress.

4.      Our students were selected to participate in state level skating and karate competition held at Hyderabad.   

5.      Students form Carmel Convent High School Elkaturthy, a school for visually handicapped, were selected to participate in the District level sports meet for blind and was selected for state level competition.

6.      Every year we conduct Carmel inter school sports meet in the month of January.

7.       Students from Carmel Convent High School CBSE were given opportunity to participate in the life skill seminar conducted at Delhi.

8.      Poor fund raising programs are encouraged in all our schools.

9.      The schools contributed generously for the growth and welfare of Chavara Aids Center at Bheemaram, Mancherial. The visually handicapped students were also given funds by our students.





10.  As per the decisions of provincial synaxis, we have appointed a councilor for the students to guide them and boost their morale.     

11.  Sisters and lay staff visit the houses of our students and keep a good rapport with the parents.

12.Our SSC  topper won prathibha award in the year 2013.

      II. Activities undertaken


1.      Seminars are organized for staff and students based on value education and social awareness.

2.      To improve the quality of education of our weak students are given remedial classes in the morning and evening hours.

3.      Parents meeting is held thrice in a year and are given chance to express their ideas and concerns.

4.       Alumni gathering is organized in some of our schools, to continue the building up of the value system in their lives as well as maintain the relationship with their Alma Mater.

5.      In order to create a spiritual atmosphere in our campus, prayers are said in the morning, noon and evening. Bible reading during morning assembly is also encouraged in our institutions.

6.      Life skill workshops are given to students once in a year.

7.      To inculcate value education we have conducted different culture programme such as Carmel Day, Independence Day, Teachers Day, Christmas Day, Republic Day, Chavra Day etc. by different groups of the students.

8.      Digital class rooms are introduced in our schools.

9.      Orientation programmes were arranged in all our schools for the parents of our students to make them aware of their great responsibility to protect their childrens from the evil influence of mass media.

10.  Electronic Medias are used in the school management system. Short message service to the parents, use of school website, updated news, results, can be accessed,

11.Carmel Education Society governing body meeting is held twice in a year.

12.Leadership training program for the outgoing students are conducted every year.


       III. Free concessions

1.         Five percentages of the financially backward students are given concession in our institutions.





     IV .Educational counselor

1.      a) The counselor for education actively involved in all our educational under taking and visit schools when necessary. The councilor in charge are accompanied the general inspection team during their stay in the province.

b) yes, I think the provincial and general inspection team are the best findings and are very effective.


   V. Christian Formation 


1.      Special prayer sessions are organized for the Christian students.

2.      Catechism classes are conducted in our schools.

3.      Bible quiz and short skit based on gospels are conducted in the schools.

4.      Innovative technology smart class is used for showing movies based on the lives of saints and the values.

5.       Prayer groups are formed in our schools to deepen their faith and make them grow in their prayer life.

6.      Word of God is written on the bulletin board and wisdom chapter 9 is recited by the students during their morning prayer.


       VI.Blessed Chavra


1.      Conducted competitions such as quiz, drawing and essay writing to the students and teachers on the biographies of  Blessed Chavra and Blessed Euphrasia in our schools .

2.      Blessed Chavras message to students were given and a test was conducted and toppers were awarded.

3.      Medals imprinted the image of Blessed Chavara are given to the students as prizes.


        VII.   Salary structure  


1.      Our schools are giving the salaries to our teaching and non teaching staff as per the general synaxis decision. 

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